Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Welcome to the first issue of Green Shoots and Leaves, an initiative of the Green Committee at Pearson Education. Through this newsletter, we hope to raise awareness of the efforts taken by us as a company, a group, and individuals to create a better and greener environment. We hope that you will also have similar stories to tell and, if you do, we want to hear them.

Paper, paper, everywhere

One of the first things that came to our minds was to try and control the usage of paper. So we came up with the idea that this could be done as a simple step like turning the banner sheet off while printing a document or trying to reuse previously printed paper. Or it could be something a little more complex like getting all the printers used in an equal proportion or trying to reduce the amount we get printed in the first place. Printing on green paper, printing books on demand, getting our reviewers and authors to work on online chapters instead of hard copies are some of the other ideas in progress.

Lights, camera, and action

Notice how the lights in the office are still on even when no one is around? Or that people are in long meetings while the monitors of their computers stay on? Well, we hope that this happens less and less. Efforts are being made to make sure that lights and monitors are turned off when people have left for their homes. Similarly, window-facing desks and cabins now do not have all the overhead lights on until it gets dark.

Wheeling and dealing

As you all know, we have a shuttle from the Hasanpur depot to our office. But is that enough? A lot of us are still using our private conveyances or trying to get a cab or public transport to take us to work. We are trying to get more shuttles, start car pools, and get the existing shuttle to reroute so that more people can use the shuttle.

Wasting nothing

Whether it is e-waste or paper, everything can be recycled. So, of course, that is next on the agenda. On a similar note, water used in washrooms gets wasted so, while it raised a few chuckles, we did discuss the need to raise awareness about this as well.

Future notes

While we have moved to a green building, we also plan to introduce more green spaces around us. Getting plants around the desks, collaborating with NGOs to get more trees planted in civic spaces, and last but not the least, spreading the word around are some of the things planned for the future.

Get involved
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